About Us

Being a small business owner can be difficult.


How do you find time to make new contacts and convert them into clients while running your business?

Business has changed. Life has changed! Technology has completely changed the way we connect, relate to each other and operate our businesses.

You Can’t Just Rely on Getting New Clients by

Word of Mouth Anymore


It’s no longer enough to start your business, offer a great service and expect new clients to find you.

But don’t worry…

You can make your business thrive!

And I can show you how.

At Peak Business Strategies we’ll analyse the issues in your business. And then we prescribe cost-effective marketing and copywriting solutions.

What will marketing and copywriting do for you?

It will increase your profit, increase the number of high quality clients so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Introducing Irene Scott.

A rare mix of an analytical, systematic and practical thinker merged into a creative people person.

You see, I started out in engineering. And I loved it!

I have 19 years’ experience as a qualified medal winning structural engineer. And I’ve been blessed to have contributed to communities in Australia and South East Asia with my bridge designs.

I loved designing unique bridges that benefit many people today and for many years to come.

These engineering skills have helped me to develop systems, analyse problems and provide unique solutions.

And for the past 9 years I’ve been using my sharp engineering skills, combined with my knowledge as a certified Business Advisor, Marketing Strategist and Professional Copywriter within the business arena.

I’ve used my creative skills to help small business owners by writing copy that speaks to their audience and by creating marketing strategies that bring in new high quality clients.

I now run my own businesses, as well as help small business owners grow theirs.


“Couldn’t have done it without you Irene!!”

“Peak Business Strategies ensured our innovations and unique capabilities were presented in a format that was clear, specific and relevant to our client’s requirements.

The quality of work and efficiency was first class.”

Matthew Dugas, General Manager for Alligator Constructions

Now I’m on a mission. To empower 200,000 business owners to find freedom and success in their business.

Irene Scott with her publisher, Gerry Robert, from Black Card Books

Irene Scott with her publisher, Gerry Robert, from Black Card Books


Because I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your business… to have inconsistent cash flow, no time and no idea on how to turn it around.

You see, we nearly lost everything several years ago when we lost half our annual turnover in one go…

We were financially crippled in an instant and still had 50 employees to pay.

That was my turning point… when my life changed forever.

It was then I decided to be in total control of our business. This meant learning the key business, marketing and copywriting skills to make our business thrive.

I now focus full-time on helping my clients create businesses that thrive. I don’t want others to experience the lows we’ve had.

If you would like a FREE Strategy Session with me to identify opportunities to increase leads and clients into your business, then fill in your details on the Home Page.

I look forward to talking to you soon to see how I can help you.

Irene on stage speaking at Streetsmart Business School

Irene on stage speaking at Streetsmart Business School

This could be your first step to taking back control and creating the business and lifestyle freedom you deserve.