My office window looks out onto the main street.

This main street passes in front of my cousin’s house, the location of my current office in Backi Monostor… a little village in Serbia.

The main street carries traffic between Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. We are very close to the border.

It feels a little strange sitting here writing my book on how to increase leads in your business, when I see another horse and cart trot by.

But then again, not much has changed in my family’s village for many, many years.

In fact…

This village has only just recently discovered Skype.

Everyone here is raving about it and wanting to connect with me and my Mum because they want to be able to talk to people in another country for free.

And yet, this is also the place where time has stood still.

About 300 years ago people were brought up to be farmers, teachers, and factory workers.

They left school to work or marry.  That was the choice.

And marriage….

Well, if you are lucky enough to be from the right class of family, then you were guaranteed to get married.

Although it may not be for love.  It may just be a good connection between families.  It was usually the mother who arranged who would marry whom.

I’ve just learned some of my family’s stories… and it happened to my uncles and aunts.

How much has changed?

People here are still working as farmers, teachers and in the factories… if they are lucky enough.

Now industry has slowed down.  The international companies have left the village, and times are tough.

The people that work full time are just scraping by on AUD $400 a month.  And the cost of living is similar to Australia.

Actually petrol costs more. Food, clothes and shoes are less… depending where you shop.

This makes me appreciate how lucky I am.

We can choose what we want to do when we grow up.  We can start our own businesses.  We can be engineers. We can marry who we want.  We have freedom of choice.

Is your business giving you the freedom you thought you would have?

Can you travel for a couple of months and have your business continue?

By the way, tractors are now starting to replace the horse and cart here… giving people more freedom.

What about you?  What do you need to change to have more freedom?  Leave a comment below.