I help businesses increase leads, clients and profits by using direct response copywriting and marketing strategies. This creates authority, exposure and ultimately trust through building genuine relationships with your IDEAL clients.


I’m passionate about helping small business owners create a message that’s compelling and moves your target audience to take action. Whether that’s to express interest, buy or to build relationships with you.


Using my engineering analytical and logic skills I research your target audience, to uncover what drives them emotionally.

I call this “Precision Based Copywriting (TM).”

I then create a compelling message in your voice… telling YOUR story. And finally I determine the most suitable copywriting and marketing strategies to get your message heard, seen and acted upon.

And here’s the thing…

I spend up to 80% of my time researching and the rest of the time writing copy. I do this to get a deep understanding of what drives your target client, so I can write to them in their language… using your voice.


I use “precision based copy” to provide you with focused, personal and dedicated service by understanding you and your target clients.

And not only that…

Because I specialise in direct response copywriting and marketing, this means you will see if the copy and marketing worked for you. You’ll be able to see the results and track it.


Business Owners who have good products or services, and are looking to sell more, attract new clients or build relationships with their existing ones.


I write your website copy, landing pages, emails, blogs, articles, sales letters, brochures, postcards, flyers, signage, professional tender proposals, professional reports, video scripts, online and offline ads, phone scripts and even SMS messages… in fact anywhere you need your message to be seen, or heard.

If you don’t want me to write your copy for you, then I can critique what you have already written and give you constructive feedback, so you can update the copy yourself.


The cost depends on the scope of the project.  It depends if I am simply critiquing your copy or writing it… and it depends what the project is.

What I do is talk to you first, find out your scope and then provide you with a proposal.


If you’d like to find out if copywriting can help your business, then contact fill in the form on the right hand side to arrange a FREE 20 minute Skype call with me.


Feel free to email me directly at Irene@PeakBusinessStrategies.com.au using the Subject Line “My Copywriting question isn’t answered.”

Recent Testimonials

Irene has been my coach since September 2013. She has guided my business through an interesting journey.  Coming from a background of no marketing knowledge whatsoever to now feeling like a light has been turned on.  

My business has gone from having a basic website to now having a website that is the envy of most of my competitors. We now also provide a Newsletter every two months to our customers.      

Irene also prepared “Clients Needs Analysis” highlighting where we needed to focus our attention. Irene is a fantastic resource of information on almost every subject and topic.   

Irene’s engineering background makes her very precise in the way she approaches situations.  

I highly recommend Irene to anyone looking to engage a business or life coach as I know that she delivers above and beyond and she can mould her skills to any type of business as long as the business owner is prepared to listen, do and implement her coaching.

Oris Squadrito

CEO / Small Business Owner, Bayside Limousines Cars and Buses, Australia

I’ve been coached by Irene throughout 2014 for my dog boarding business with one on one coaching sessions each month.  

Her coaching style suits me very much because it’s organised, it’s to the point and she follows up on past goals and affirmations… to make sure I’m on track, as well as the new things I want to implement or research.  

I’ve made a real difference to my bottom line and also to my systems within the business with the help of Irene.  

Bringing a business back to basics, as Irene did to mine, was what made the business systemised and strong and able to adjust to new staff because systems were in place.  

I look forward to working with her throughout next year and would recommend her to any business owners needing to improve their bottom line or create systems.

Wilhelmina Ford

Founder and Small Business Owner, Doggy Pause, NSW

Peak Business Strategies has on multiple occasions provided our business with the professional marketing advantage that we desired and the industry demands.

Using Peak Business Strategies ensured that our innovations and unique capabilities were presented in a format that was clear, specific and relevant to our client’s requirements.

The quality of work and efficiency was first class. I will not hesitate to work with Peak Business Strategies again. It has been an absolute pleasure and a solid investment in our future.

We couldn’t have done it without you Irene!!

Matthew Dugas

General Manager, Alligator Constructions, Australia

Irene Scott from Peak Business Strategies was very proactive and fast in creating our professional mobile website. 

We have tracked our results and know that we have picked up an additional 30% new leads from the mobile website

We are really excited with the results as without this mobile compatible website we would have missed out on the additional new leads which has now led to new clients.

Chris Kusturin

Registered Surveyor and Small Business Owner, Civil Directions, NSW

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