My waiter just brought me my coffee here in the main Plaza on the island of Hvar.  And it is the best coffee in Europe.


Well not only does it taste amazing… I had stopped drinking coffee for 2 years, one reason was because I never liked the taste of the Australian coffee, and the other reason is that I’ve been on an alkaline diet.

Well today, I‘m having coffee while traveling to enjoy the taste of the cultures!

So why is the coffee so amazing?

Yes it tastes great.  Steve even told me it rivals the real Italian coffees.

To me the reason the coffee is the best is because… the waiter made me feel special.

How is this for feeling like you’re really special?

I first came to this café four weeks ago with Steve and Amy.

We were looking for a café to have a hearty breakfast… to give us energy for a day of exploring.  And we felt like eating something healthy.

We walked around the Plaza and went to where six cafes were open.

A bright, happy waiter asked what we wanted as we walked by.  I quickly read the menu and noticed it only had four things for breakfast.  No fruit.  Only eggs, omelettes, toast.

I told him, in my broken Croatian, we really wanted fruit.

He told me they didn’t have fruit salad but he would make us something from the fruit he had.

What arrived at our table 15 minutes later can only be described as an extravagant fruit platter.  Pineapple, rockmelon and watermelon was all uniquely cut so we could eat the bite sized pieces.  It was a platter used for weddings!

Not only did we have fruit, we also had freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, omelettes, toast.  All because he looked after us.

So of course we came back again, one more time.  We loved it!

Fast forward four weeks later.

I am back in Hvar with my Mum and cousin… showing them around my special places.

Of course I brought them back here to my favourite café.

And as soon as I walked in the owner saw me, rushed up and welcomed me back.  He remembered me four weeks later and after seeing thousands of tourists during the high season.

The thing that touched me the most was he remembered what we ordered for breakfast!  He offered to make the amazing fruit platter again (and it still wasn’t on the menu).

WOW!  What an experience.  My Mum and cousin were blown away he remembered me. And he went out of his way to make the special fruit platter too!  I saw him send one of his staff out to the market to but fruit for our fruit platter.

That is dedication to customer service!

So now I’m back at the Ex Rocco café on my last day in Hvar.

And I have chosen this café to sit and write another chapter of my Free Flow book.  As well as to write this short post to you.

My question to you is….

“What do you do to make your clients feel special?  And How do you WOW them to make sure they come back to you again and again?”