Have you ever woken up some mornings and felt that things are just too hard?

Have you felt it would be easier to just stay in bed, pull the covers over your head and not do anything?

If so, I want to share with you a true story of two of my friends.

Allow me introduce you to Samantha.  Samantha is a wife, mother and business woman.

She appears to have everything under control…

she is healthy, fit, and beautiful, has a loving husband, three gorgeous children, loves her business and has huge amounts of energy.

So much so that she recently ran her first half marathon and came in under 2 hours!  Which is awesome, as I trained for six months for my first half marathon and ran it in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

She is always smiling, laughing, having fun and never says no to helping anyone.

Now, here’s my other friend. Let’s call her Veronica.

She too is a wife, mother and former business woman.

In fact she no longer has to work again because she worked hard when she was younger and was smart with her investments.

She can spend her days doing whatever she wants, travel where she wants, spend time with whoever and just do what she wants to do.

However, she is miserable.

She rarely smiles, complains often and feels people take advantage of her, so she decides to stay home a lot.

What is the difference between these two women?

The difference is their perspective on life.

Samantha has had several tragedies in her life.  Her youngest child survived a drowning accident in front of her.  Her eldest child has been battling life threatening illnesses and she herself has been sick for years.

And she is adopted and recently found out her twin died at birth.

However, she focuses on what she can give to others around her.  She uses her tragedies to learn from them, and help others in the same situation.  Her purpose is to serve others.

Samantha is outwards focused.  She is optimistic, sharing and loving.  When things don’t work out her way, she says it’s for the best as there must be something better to come.

Veronica, on the other hand, was left with her neighbours growing up as her single mother had to work. This made Veronica extremely independent, however, it made her wary of trusting people.

She needs to look after herself rather than trusting others to help her. She focuses on what she has and holds tightly to it.  She blames others when things don’t work out her way.

Veronica is inwards focused and she is fearful.  The tragedy is she is now divorced.  And her children don’t want to spend time with her.

So are you more like Samantha, focusing on helping others, or are you more like Veronica, worrying that others may take advantage of you?

My mentor, Tony Robbins, says…

“you can never be fearful when you’re grateful”

I agree with this statement and have expanded it to be

“you can never be fearful when you are focused on serving others”


Isn’t this what business is all about really? Serving others?

Leave a comment and share what is your perspective? Are you focused on serving others?