Here I am in Backi Monostor in Serbia, Europe.  I’ve set up my office here for 2 months and am loving the freedom of working from anywhere!

Anyway, I wanted to share a lesson on target market.

Just because you have a product or service to sell doesn’t mean you should be marketing it to everyone.

Why not?

Because not everyone is your ideal client.

Firstly what you need to do is to determine who your ideal client is.  Start with focusing on them. Target market to them.  Some people call this niche marketing.  I call it logical.

You see, not everyone needs the solution you’re providing.

And ultimately sales is all about problem solving.  You are the problem solver.  Your client is the one with the problem… or the need.

Consider this.

A young man opens his first business. It’s been his dream to have his own business.

He is so excited… he can’t wait to open the doors.  He has done everything.  He painted the store in modern colours, he positioned the fit out with a Feng Shui consultant and he’s put a stereo system in the shop… to let his customers relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

He has thought of everything, to the last detail.

He started his business assuming everyone will come and buy from him.  He is expecting hordes of people to come in as he built his shop right next to the largest Buddhist temple.

And yet, he’s a butcher.

If you’re vegetarian then nothing would persuade you to buy meat.  You wouldn’t even listen to their message.  Right?

This is the mistake this young butcher made. And now he realises he should have targeted his message to the people that want what he has to offer.

The next time you’re putting your marketing message together consider carefully… who is the target market?

What problem do they need solving?  And how I can solve it for them?

Not only will your ideal market want what you have, but they will respect and trust you for solving their problems.

And as you know, trust is the new currency in business today.

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